Internet Technical Committee (ITC)

The ever-increasing growth of the Internet is raising scalability issues mainly related to inter-domain routing, creating an increasing concern on the scalability of today’s Internet architecture. These issues are mostly due to the use of a single numbering space, namely the IP addressing space, for both host transport sessions identification and network routing. In addition to the single numbering space, multihoming and Traffic Engineering (TE) are making BGP’s routing tables in the Default Free Zone (DFZ) to grow restlessly to a level where manageability and performances start to be critical.

To tackle these issues, there is a fairly amount of activity around the approach based on the separation of the end-systems’ addressing space (the identifiers) and the routing locators’ space. This separation is perceived as the basic component of the future Internet architecture . The use of a separate numbering space for routing locators will allow to assign Provider Independent (PI) addresses in a topologically driven manner, improving aggregation while reducing the number of globally announced prefixes. Furthermore, it will also allow to perform both in- bound and outbound flexible TE, by setting tunnels be- tween different locators based on several different metrics or policies. 

In the framework of ITC Special Interest Groups activities, the Locator/ID Separation SIG has been created in 2012, aiming at gathering and disseminating activities about the Locator/ Identifier Separation paradigm. 

LISP SIG Reports:


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